Puno - Titicaca Lake
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Titicaca Lake - Puno

Titicaca Lake is a beautiful and much-venerated sacred lake that lies on the border between Peru and Bolivia. According to Incan mythology, it was from Titicaca Lake that the creator god Viracoca rose up to create the sun, moon, stars, and first human beings. Recently, a large temple was discovered submerged in the lake, adding to its mystery and fascination.

Uros Floating Islands
Visit the famous floating islands of the Lake Titicaca, a gorgeous village located a few minutes away from the city of Puno, right on the waters of the Lake Titicaca. Here you will learn about the life of the Uros people, their history and traditions. Venture on this fantastic journey and meet a people considered one of the first ethnic groups
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Uros, Taquile Islands
In this trip we will be able to visit unique very singular islands in Peru and in the World, we will observe the artificial islands of the Uros done of totora, as well as the Island of Taquile where we will learn about its weaves, customs, and if it is desired we can participate in it. In these islands still the ancestral traditions are conserved.
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Uros, Amantani, Taquile Islands
The city of Puno is located in the south east corner of Peru, on the shores of the magnificent Lake Titicaca and only 126km from the frontier with Bolivia. At 3,827m in altitude, Puno is a rather cold and bleak town surrounded by the desolate altiplano (or high plateau).Puno is, however, a melting pot of Indian cultures.
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