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Frequent Questions

¿What entry documents do I need?

U.S citizens need a valid passport and an entry form-tourist card which is provided by your air carrier at the ticket counter when checking in for your flight to Peru or once on-board. 
Other nationalities should check with the nearest Peruvian Consulate to determine correct entry requirements.

¿What clothing and other items are recommended to bring?

Please arrive in clothes that you do not mind getting slightly dirty or wet, and wear footwear that is suitable for rainforest trails.
Sunscrem, insect repellent, hat and waterproof clothing should be carried in your hand luggage and kept accesible during the jurney to the lodge. In addition to these, we recommend bringing a raincoat, long trousers, shorts, cotton socks, long sleeved shirts, t-shirts, hiking shoes, sandals, toiletries, first-aid kit and sunglasses.

¿How is the telephone service in Peru?

Peru has a modern telephone service that has been upgraded standard technologies. You can place national and international long distance phone calls from phone boxes with coins or phone cards that are sold at gas stations, supermarkets, kiosks and even in the streets.

¿What vaccinations are recommended for this trip?

It is suggested for the people who are travelling to the jungle in Peru, have a vaccine against yellow fever.
(According to information given by the Health Minister, there have not been any case of this illness registered in this area for 15 years).

¿How could I avoid the stomach upset?

In order to avoid the most usual stomach upset you have to be careful with the water you drink. Is not recommended to drink water directly from the tap; It is advisable to drink only bottled or boiled water.
You have to be very cautious of where you eat, making sure they adhere basic hygienic standards. You should also try to avoid heavy foods, because digestion is slower in the andean.

¿Are we likely to have any problems with altitude sickness when we arrive to Cusco?

Cusco is at 3,326 meters above sea level (around 11,000feet), there is a possibility that you will suffer some side effects due to altitude. It is imposible to say for sure as altitude affects different people in different ways. The side effects usually come in the form of headaches or getting tired very easily as the body adjusts to the change in the altitude.

¿There are some tips to counteract the altitude sickness?

Here are some tips to help your body acclimatize.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Get sufficient sleep.
  • Before going to Cusco, Don't eat too much.
  • Avoid to eat fatty food.
  • Once you're in Cusco, take a short rest.
  • You could drink coca tea when you arrive to Cusco.

¿What is the best time to visit Peru?

Peak travel season for foreigners is in great part determined by weather. Peru experiences two very distinct seasons, wet and dry.
Dry season runs from May to November, and this is Typically the time that is most recommended. However, this is also the cooler time of year. Nighttime temperatures can drop to below freezing.
June, July and August are the most popular months to visit so you will tend to encounter much larger crowds during these months.
The wet season (December to April), you can expect rains three to four days a week. For travelers that don't mind a little drizzle and muddy trails, this time of year offers smaller crowds and greener hillsides, with wildflowers and orchids often in bloom.

¿Is it safe to travel in Peru?

Peru has its share of petty thievery against tourists and normal everyday crime, but if you follow the universal rule of "normal precautions" (don't flash money, jewelry, camera equipment; don't go out alone at night; don't venture into less than desire able neighborhoods), you will probably be as safe anywhere.
If you like to walk and explore the city, you should take extra precautions from pick-pockets, use a leg sock, in-clothing pouch or some other hidden compartment for your valuables and cash, keeping in your pockets only what you expect to need that day.

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